The Truth About Wedding Photography and Wedding Photographers

Our images, are more valuable then we will ever realize.

There are stories and relationships caught up within every shot, and the script writers, the story tellers, wont take on their roll for many years. It won't be until sickness and loss bring back memories and old albums. It wont be until a blushing little daughter points at a dusty frame and says dad looks young and handsome. It wont be until relationships last for 50 years, and wrinkles make beauty a term much deeper than skin. Then, in time, our images will be story books, memories, smiles and tears and the stories they hold will be cherished. 

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Taking the Time to Say Thank You - Louis Torres

Successful Wedding Photographers have to learn to say thank you. After all, we get the honor of playing a major roll in our couples lives. We are trusted with capturing the moments they miss, preserving a day that only lasts a few hours, a kiss that only lasts a few moments, and the start of a union that will last a lifetime. 

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