Bridal Shoot - Angie & Horton Li - Berea, Kentucky

Bridal Shoot - Angie Li 

This last weekend I had the chance to meet up with Angie Li and her husband Horton to do some post wedding/bridal images! Angie still had her wedding dress and had been wanting to work with me for a while, so we decided this shoot was the perfect opportunity. After delaying the shoot a day because of bad weather we headed out to a location I had scouted the week before. At about 2pm the sun was high overhead and the sky was completely clear, slowly becoming a rich blue as the day progressed. Initially I had hoped to get some stylistic images from within an old run down barn on location, but due to the weather and time, the shadows were to harsh for what I had in mind. We decided to shoot some images in the shaded area outside of the barn, getting some beautiful portrait shots of her with the softer lighting. Finally we ended the session by going out behind the barn to a overgrown and dried field. Using the texture of the dried grass, the vastness of the sky, and the angle of the hill I was able to capture some amazing images of Angie and Horton caught up between the earth and the sky. I loved working with this couple and hope that I have the opportunity to shoot with them again soon! 

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