Mary Esther States - Wedding

It is not every day, even for a photographer, that you get to photograph the wedding of someone you have known and cared about for years. I met Mary Esther during freshman orientation at Berea College and quickly bonded with her truthful and frank attitude. We would sit at dinner in the college cafeteria and I would listen to her talk about this amazing young man she was dating. He was smart, handsome, and cared the absolute world for her and she was fascinated with him. She said that they were an odd pair, the high school prep and the nerd (I use both terms loosely), and that their family and friends were shocked when they started dating. However, if you know them, you know they fit together in this wonderful mixture of intelligence, honesty, and love for Apple products. I basically begged Mary Esther to let me be a part of her wedding day and I am so grateful that she trusted me with her images! I love shooting weddings, but it is something else when the young lady in your images is a friend.

Jesse has done an absolutely incredible job on both my engagement and wedding photos. He really works hard to make sure you get the exact shots that you want, and his editing skills are elegant and professional. It’s such a relief to have a photographer who doesn’t overexpose or saturate his subjects with Photoshop and airbrush effects. Jesse captured beautiful photos of my sister at my wedding, which happened to be some of the last photos ever taken of her before she passed away. It is gift and a blessing that we chose him as our photographer. I truly wouldn’t trust anyone else.
— Mary Esther States

I loved shooting this wedding. Loved celebrating and capturing such a special day for two amazing and unique individuals. I wish only the best for them, their family, and friends. They have a long and great road ahead of them, I am just glad I was a part of it!