Taking the Time to Say Thank You - Louis Torres


Are you wondering what makes a good wedding photographer stand out from a great one?

It may be as simple as a — Thank You.


Yesterday I decided to take the time to review louis Torres's For Wedding Photographers podcast. I left a five star review, a simple comment expressing my gratitude, and a thank you for all the work Louis Torres puts into everything he does. Then, directed by him on the podcast, I stopped over on Facebook and sent him a simple thank you message, letting him know that I decided to leave the review because of the way he values, fights for, and invests in his clients. 

Louis cares so much about the brides, grooms, and families he works with. In nearly every podcast you hear him express his desire to provide nothing but the best and to help other photographers do the same. He is outspoken in his passion for wedding photography, and not afraid to tell an inexperienced photographer that they have no right shooting a wedding and risking a clients images.

He believes that a wedding day, anyone's wedding day, is a once in a lifetime celebration and that we, the photographers, have the responsibility to do everything we can to make it amazing. Not that problems don't happen, but that we play a roll in fixing and preventing them, and that our personality, drive, and care to attention adds to the bride and groom's experience.

I wanted to take the time to reach out and express my gratitude for the way he cares about his work. It is inspiring to see a photographer, who has been in the industry for over 26 years, so full of passion and love for what he does! 


So I said thank you - What happened next I could have never imagined. 


Louis Torres went on to spend the day talking with me, he checked out my Facebook page, my photography site, and sent encouraging and constructive comment after comment.

He featured my website, CoPhotoweddings.com, on his podcast, the worlds leading wedding photography podcast. He spent nearly half of the twelve minute show talking about my thank you note, my website, and an image of me in a dress shirt and tie laying on the ground to get the right shot during a wedding. 


And that's what a passionate wedding photographer does. : ) - Louis Torres


He invested in me, taking the time to review my work and talk with me about how to truly value your clients. 

Throughout his podcast, my site was handed out to hundreds of other wedding photographers as an example for them to follow.

Louis took time out of his day to say thank you. To recognize a single fan who happened to message him that day. What is remarkable, is that I don't think this is out of the ordinary for him. I believe that Louis Torres and many other successful wedding photographers know how to invest in those around them, how to appreciate, and thank the community they are a part of.

Successful Wedding Photographers have to learn to say thank you. After all, we get the honor of playing a major roll in our couples lives. We are trusted with capturing the moments they miss, preserving a day that only lasts a few hours, a kiss that only lasts a few moments, and the start of a union that will last a lifetime. 

We have to know how to say thank you, because there are dozens of others photographers just as qualified, often times more so, and just as willing to shoot your clients wedding. 

Couples choose Louis Torres because he does great work, but he also knows how to say thank you. He know’s how to honor those who allow him to do what he loves, how to use his time, knowledge, and energy to give back to those who trust him with their wedding day. 

He spends his time mentoring and leading a whole community of photographers who look to him as a roll-model, improving the quality of wedding photography across the world. Through his podcast he gives his knowledge, thoughts, and experience for free, to the benefit of younger photographers like myself. 

Louis brings a value to his clients that others don’t, he takes great pictures, but over and above that, after 26 years as photographer, he knows how to say thank you.

And he means it. 


Listen to the Podcast where Louis Torres highlights Cophoto!

Starting at 6:35.


Check out Louis Torres's website and Podcast! 

Podcast - http://louistorres.com/forweddingphotographers/

Website - http://www.louistorres.com/