Photographer & Videographer - Jesse Samuel Anderson


Things you should know


I will probably arrive early and leave late.

I will obsess about not missing a shot and will likely have the camera in my hand all day.

I will nitpick, stress over, and care more about your images than you will.

I will likely edit and hand over more images than you expect.

I will probably have your images to you early because I can't wait to see the edits either! 

I will post, publish, blog, and brag about your wedding images for weeks or months afterwords.


I am a Graduate of Berea College with a degree in Film and Media Production and a full time Photographer / Videographer specializing in event coverage and portraiture. I am based out of Washington, D.C. but travel and shoot all along the east coast. I believe in working with my clients to produce the best media for them, incorporating their unique personalities and styles into everything I do. I find that a lot of my work is centered around people; weddings, events, and modeling sessions allow me to focus on the little moments that make life so unique. Capturing a person's personality, or that one moment that only lasted a second is one of the best feelings a photographer can have. There are so many elements that go into a great picture and I do everything I can to give my clients images they never could have imagined. I know my equipment, I am willing to experiment and work with my clients, and I have a portfolio that I am proud to share with others. I would love to meet and work with you or your family! Feel free to contact me to set up a meeting!